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Landmark Projects

Erzsébet: The Opera (2011)

We Are All Mozart (2007)

Komposer Kombat (2005)

Ought-One Festival (2001)

Zonule Glaes II (1999)

Amsterdramm (1998)

Detritus of Mating (1997)

Kalvos & Damian (1995-2010)

Wolf5 (1991)

In Bocca al Lupo (1986)

Echo (1985)

Plasm over ocean (1977)

Stoneworld/Grey (1977)

Trans/Media (1973-78)


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Ionic Performer Synth & VSTi

Country Stores of Vermont

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About Me

I am a composer, author, editor, teacher, and technologist. My work engages the advancement of arts and technology from both humanist and experimental perspectives. I am available for commissions, master classes, writing & editing, teaching & presentations, seminars & performances, and music digital engraving.

My music has been commissioned more than 300 times and performed by my own ensembles and over 100 orchestras, chamber ensembles, choruses, and soloists around the world, as well as innumerable student groups and those who have anonymously downloaded and realized scores and performance artworks. My installations have appeared in numerous galleries and museums, and I have performed at venues in the U.S. and Europe. My musical scores are part of the historical Notations21 project and exhibit.

I have composed for orchestras & bands, chamber ensembles & choruses, and duos & individuals.

Please contact me for composition sessions (in person or online).
Please visit my résumé for more detail about my life and work.
Please visit my YouTube channel for performances and related videos.

I am limiting my engraving services for most score work. I will continue to take a small number of scores, preferably unusual notation and without hard deadlines. I am accepting additional students for mentoring/challenging in composition.


"Whaaaaaaaaat!?" Series #2 -- Music Tech!

I Don't Get Music Technology: A Self-Help Desperation Guide is now available! Individuals, students, teachers, professors, performers, and anyone who might not "get" the technology used in music: Here is the book! I was looking for a good, short introduction to music technology for my undergraduate students. I couldn't find one. So, as with my classical music book, I wrote it. If you have friends faced with music technology or if you're teaching students areas who need some quick background, then this is your book. Really and truly, 150 revealing pages!

Music Technology Book

You can get it from or directly from me for autographed copies!


"Whaaaaaaaaat!?" Series #1 -- Classical Music!

Whaaaaaaaaat!? I Don't Get Classical Music: A Self-Help Desperation Guide is now available! Individuals, students, teachers, professors, theater or jazz enthusiasts, and anyone who might not "get" classical music: Here is the book! I was looking for a good, short introduction to Western classical music for students outside the classical realm. I couldn't find one. So I wrote it. If you have friends new to Western classical music or if you're teaching students in other areas of music who need some quick background or if you have audiences for classical music who could use some background and encouragement, then this is your book. I'm not kidding. 100 pages and 30 hours of listening!


You can get it from or directly from me for autographed copies! And here is the listening list to get you excited about it!



Presentation on "The Self-Promoting Artist"




Sheet Music Plus

You can find selections of my music and arrangements on Sheet Music Plus. I couldn't post arrangements on my website because of licensing issues, but working with Sheet Music Plus makes that possible.



Composition Sessions, In Person or Online

You can study composition with me. Composers (or those just beginning the path) find working with me refreshing and exciting. Please look at my scores and listen to my music, and then contact me and we'll talk about your interests and challenges and dreams as a composer.



I am on SoundCloud

After much resistance -- why wouldn't folks just come here to my website? -- I decided to put selected compositions on SoundCloud. So there it is. And thank you for visiting!



Looking for the NEW edition of my "Country Stores of Vermont"?

Find it at


Music of My Youth

As a child, Hungarian records were found in the house. When we actually got a record player, I could explore them. And here they are for your listening. By the way, there is a bucketload of other news to be reported on this page, but it's been a little busy. For now, do a quick peek at various events past & present.


Electroacoustic Recordings!

Get them here!

Bolt 1Bolt 2
Bolt 3Bolt 4
Zonule Glaes II

Purchase all five of these CDs for $20 here and paste a copy of the order confirmation here. In return you'll receive the 24-page booklet and a bonus CD of Detritus of Mating (while they last!).


 Erzsébet Opera Recordings!

My Erzsébet Opera Project was a long time coming and a big deal for me. You can also get the CD or DVD premiere recordings here!



Beautiful Print Publications You Will Love!

O: Eleven Songs

O: Eleven Songs for Chorus SATB with text by Gary Barwin from These vivid settings of eleven poems by Gary Barwin are mysterious, funny, tender, inventive, rich in association, and eminently singable. From the skittering conversation of "The Birds," to the alternate Medieval world of "Sparrows' Song" and the rhythmic footsy of "Small Apes and White Feet," these songs strike a balance between thoughtful reflection and quirky off-kilter humor.

Erzsebet: The Full Score

Erzsébet: A Monodrama is the opera's score from This large volume is the full orchestration in a beautiful presentation with Lisa Jablow as Erzsébet on the cover. The opera is complete and premiered; a DVD will be offered here shortly! Complete background on the opera and information on downloading information, purchasing T-shirts, programs, etc., as well as future performances can be found on The Bathory Opera Website.

Three Performance Pieces

Three Performance Pieces is available from Three beautiful performance scores from the 2007 "We Are All Mozart" project. One is a set of 99 performance pieces, the second a set of seven sections for French horn, and the third a set of 13 graphical scores for tenor guitar. Several of the latter are part of the "Notations21" gallery series.

Erzsebet: A Monodrama

Erzsébet: A Monodrama is the opera's libretto available from either or The opera is complete and premiered, and a DVD will be offered here shortly! The libretto includes the full text along with images in a beautiful commemorative volume. More info at The Bathory Opera Website

Country Stores of Vermont

Country Stores of Vermont: A History and Guide is available from The History Press. It's a really good book, with fantastic pictures and great stories as well as ten fantastic tours of Vermont. You can get it cheaper at -- but please try to get your copy from our local Vermont bookstores and country & general stores. Autographed copies also available..


Read All About Me, Me, Me!

Kyle Gann wrote a complimentary profile about me (I'm "a shadowy figure" -- yeah!) in Chamber Music Magazine in November 2011. It was a very nice piece which you can read here (PDF).


Opera Lyrics Font

I've created a TrueType font based on 19th century opera scores. It has all the typical characters and a few more, but is missing still a few of the special characters. I'll improve it over the next few months, but if you're interested, here it is: Opera-Lyrics-Smooth. If you distribute it, please keep in mind that this version (1.65) will occasionally be updated. Click image for full-sized chart.

opera lyrics chart


Yes I am...

On Facebook and Twitter.


Getcher Bumper Sticker!

Join the nonpop "Buy Local" campaign! If you're a composer or supporter of new nonpop, you can get a bumper sticker for five bucks at CafePress, item number 80570307, or even better you can download and print it yourself. The CafePress one is only 10 inches wide, but you can use the full-size image to print a big one on 11x17 paper and trim it to standard 3.75" x 15" bumper sticker size.

Buy Local bumper sticker


People Have Asked...

...why I give away my music. Here is the answer.


Older News

What's in the Older News section? Stuff you can use...

  • My music as ringtones for download
  • My library of musical scores for sale
  • Ionic "Performer" 1973 Synth VSTi for download
  • Wooden Kind remix with Lee Noyes
  • Crosscut (2009) piano concerto announcement
  • Composition for Tape & Soloists (1969) score available for download
  • Eventide (2006) studio recording for download
  • Availability and samples of Vermont photography
  • Country Stores of Vermont (2008) announcement
  • Progress of and announcements about We Are All Mozart (2007)

...and much more back to 2000.

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz

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Renee Baker
Lisa Jablow
Burlington Civic Orchestra
Beth Griffth, Bern Nix, Andrew Bolotowsky
Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble
Rode Pomp Ensemble
Michael Manion
Lydia Busler-Blais
Beth Griffith
Marco Oppedisano
P. Kellach Waddle
Eric Ross
Su Lian Tan
Dante Oei
Michael Arnowitt
Steve Klimowski and Rachael Elliott
Styx-Q/VIP Positive Quartet
Montpelier Chamber Orchestra

2022 Performances and Events

  • October 28, Northfield, Vermont: Tiny Waltz in Four. David Feurzeig, piano. United Church of Northfield, 7:00pm
  • October 13, Dorchester, Massachusetts: Lullaby for Justin at 21. Aaron Larget-Caplan, guitar. Uphams Corner Branch of the Boston Public Library, 5:30pm
  • October 8, New York: Tyranny and the Tree. Jai Jeffryes, piano. Kostabi World, 225 W 22nd St, 7:00pm
  • September, TBA TBA, Vermont: Full Concert of Percussion Music. Jane Boxall, percussion. Location/time TBA
  • August 7, Aalborg, Denmark: Dreamless. Katie Buckley, harp. Vendsyssel New Music Festival, Det gamle Rådhus, Torvet 5 i Nørresundby, 7:30pm
  • July 21, Pittsburgh: O Magnum Mysterium. Zellhart, Daniels, & Friends, band, chorus. Sacred Heart Church, 310 Shady Ave., 7:00pm
  • July 20, Pittsburgh: Lecture on Composition. Sacred Heart Church, 310 Shady Ave., 3:00pm
  • July 2, Amherst: Bales, Barrels, & Cones: Antebellum/Antibellum on Martian Gardens episode 1112 with Max Shea - Radio4All.
  • June 2, New York: Compound Refractions. John McMurtery, flute. Recording session. Postponed,new date TBA
  • May 8, Montréal: A Short Meditation. Alexandra Fol, organ. St. James Church, 5:00pm
  • April 24, Montréal: Clavitas. Alexandra Fol, clavichord. St. James Church, 1:00pm
  • April 3, Montréal: A Short Meditation. Alexandra Fol, organ. St. James Church, 10:00am
  • March 27, Kittery, Maine: Windows on the Moon. Dorothy Braker, cello. Music Hall, 3:00pm
  • March 20, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts: O Magnum Mysterium. Triad, voices. Unitarian Universalist Church, 8:00pm
  • March 19, Somerville, Massachusetts: O Magnum Mysterium. Triad, voices. Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church, 8:00pm
  • January 16, Amherst: Alternative Ru(i)n on Martian Gardens episode 1092 with Max Shea - Radio4All.
  • January 15, New York: Water No Fire. Gene Pritsker, guitar; Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, bass recorder. Michiko Studio, West 46th St., 8:00pm

2021 Performances and Events

  • December 5, Mount Airy, North Carolina: O Magnum Mysterium. Rodney Money Brass Ensemble. Central United Methodist Church, 8:00pm
  • October 26, Raleigh, North Carolina: Syrenical. Circuit Bridges Series. North Carolina State University
  • September 19, Deer Island, Maine: Lullaby for Justin. Islene Runningdeer, piano. Deer Island Sunset Church, 10:00am
  • July 30, Montpelier, Vermont: The Song of Pão. Sampled recording. Sarducci's, 11:00am
  • July 26, Amherst: The Warbler's Garden on Martian Gardens episode 1071 with Max Shea - Radio4All.
  • June 13, Amherst: What the Thunder Said on Martian Gardens episode 1065 with Max Shea - Radio4All.
  • May 20, Ghent: O Vox Pop. Logos Robot Orchestra. Logos Pyramid, 8:00pm (Ghent time)

2020 Performances and Events

  • October 3, New York: What the Thunder Said Fortune Favors the Rave, Composers Concordance. 5:00pm
  • October 2, Moscow: Mating Numbers The Cube. 7:00pm
  • June 10, Princeton: I Can't Breathe recordings on Classical Discoveries with Marvin Rosen. 9:00am.
  • June 9, Online: The Pond. Jane Boxall, marimba. TURNmusic website, 8:30pm
  • February 26, Glasgow: Yer Attention, Please. Kevin Bowyer, organ. Festival of North American Organ Music, 6. University of Glasgow Chapel, 1:10pm

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Detritus of Mating CD
Zonule Glaes II CD
  • Zonule Glaes II limited-edition CD is available
           Performed by Styx-Q V.I.P. Positive Quartet
           For ordering info, please use the Contact Form
  • Sex Death Offerings, sculpture by Pavel Kraus.
           Zonule Glaes II was created for this exhibit.
           Mánes Museum, Prague.
Voices Past Cover
  • Old CD Releases and Covers can still be had. Some used to be on and others were private releases. Here they are.
Performing in Echo Performing with the Dashuki Music Theatre at New Jersey State Museum Appearing with Green Mountain Micro in Princeton Appearing with Apple Hill Chamber Players Appearing with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra Directing Car Horn Symphony No. 2 Directing the Roxbury Union Congregational Church Choir Performing Detonacy 1976 at Delaware Valley Avant-Garde Festival Performing Somnambula at New Jersey State Museum Performing Memento Mori at Feedback Studios Performing in Beepers Touring with Stevie in Amsterdam

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