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D'Anne Hotchkiss

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D'Anne K. Hotchkiss, APR, is founder and president of Ellsworth Kaye.

At Ellsworth Kaye, D'Anne is responsible for all new business acquisition, corporate management, and account supervision. Under her direction, the company has achieved an average annual growth rate of 20 percent. Ellsworth Kaye clients are on both coasts, and in Canada. They are hard-driven companies, offering emerging technology hardware and software products, and related services.

D'Anne's successes have included national introductions of products as diverse as motor home and technology trade magazines, on-going product promotion, issues management and special events. In the last 10 years, she has focused on business-to-business communications, handling media relations, media and analyst tours, and feature story placements. These activities have helped drive product sales and shaped the way editors and industry analysts perceive issues and information technology. Her previous experience includes marketing communications for consumer products, healthcare, hospitality, and banking. D'Anne is a member of the Counselors Academy of the Public Relations Society of America, the American Management Association, and Phi Beta Kappa.

Ellsworth Kaye Inc.

Ellsworth Kaye Inc. focuses on proven marketing communications practices to ensure clients reach their audiences with the right message at the right time. We believe that success is measured by how well we reach our client's customers, and we set high standards for ourselves. We know you wouldn't want it any other way.

Communications that connect with the customer

These days companies are looking at database marketing, guerilla marketing, one-on-one marketing. The list goes on. It's all to support real and virtual selling via multiple channels that, in turn, have more technology options that affect marketing planning and implementation. We put our efforts into developing marketing communications strategies that will build your business by really reaching the customer.

But we don't stop there

Your company's success hinges on more than market share. So we seek to reach all who are interested in your company. Employees and communities, media, the government, investors, you get the idea. We talk to everyone who wants to hear about you and what you do. And we make sure that our messages present a consistent message about you.

Our pledge

Each client is different. Your needs and expectations are as individual as you are. We work closely with you to learn those needs and expectations, and to develop the kind of communications program you want. We are as at home working with in-house communications experts as we are with having complete responsibility for your communications functions. We can serve as your marketing, advertising and public relations departments, or just provide occasional guidance and expertise.

In short, we pledge to give you exactly the service you demand. We wouldn't have it any other way.

What We Do

First, we work to understand the communications challenges you face, and identify the markets you want to influence. Ellsworth Kaye Inc. proposes to provide experienced marketing communications counsel and hands-on assistance as needed. We will work out short- and long-term plans with you and share the workload according to your capabilities and budget constraints.

At Ellsworth Kaye Inc., we do have a lot of experience in developing and implementing marketing communications programs for computer technology industry clients in business, distribution and retail. These include: Auto Image ID (2-D bar code technology); Blinco Systems (global logistics software); ConsultLeague (manufacturing and distribution automation consulting); HNC Retek Retail Systems (retail-specific ERP systems); Intactix International (space and category management software); and Insight Industries (critical function software developers). We have completed specific projects for major industry leaders, including IBM and Symbol Technologies. Through strategic alliances, we have extended our public relations services to the clients of other advertising and marketing agencies' accounts.

And, we are creative thinkers. What we don't already know about your markets, we will learn quickly. We will propose innovative ideas to publicize your company, and we will help you produce publicity materials that are attractive and powerful.

Our expertise includes writing and designing company materials, film and video production, news release writing and media relations, corporate spokesperson training, crisis management and more. Whatever communications problems and challenges arise, we have the background to handle them.

What we don't have is a lot of warm bodies to keep busy. We are more than eager to help you discover communications tasks that can be handled in-house. We can react quickly to your needs and provide only those services you feel must be outsourced.

Capabilities -- Public Relations
Programming and Counseling

Whether starting a public relations program or assisting in-house professionals with an on-going program, we take a look at needs, priorities, goals, publics, objectives and strategies. Collaborating with clients, we develop and plan the execution of a public relations program based on agreed-upon goals and objectives. We also are available for consultation on an as-needed basis.

Writing and Editing

Often considered the heart and sole of a public relations program, we write and produce news releases, newsletters, speeches, radio and television copy, brochures, annual reports, trade paper and magazine articles, and product information.

Media Relations and Placement

We work aggressively on your behalf contacting news media, and trade, consumer and business magazines, with the intent of getting them to publish or broadcast news and features about or originated by your organization. We maintain close contact with editors, reporters and writers on your behalf in order to take full advantage of publicity opportunities.

Special Events

We have experience handling everything from arranging and managing news conferences and media tours to company open houses, convention exhibits, fund-raising events and awards programs.

Communications Audit

We can assess the effectiveness, quality, completeness and consistency of all your communications materials -- paid advertising, collateral, and publicity -- to determine whether your current materials are delivering messages effectively and whether they are hitting the right targets.

Media Training

We have the capability to conduct a one- or two-day workshop that is designed to give your key executives complete, hands-on experience in working with the media. This workshop covers everything from friendly one-on-one interviews with the local media to a major news conference.

Crisis Communications Management Planning Workshop

Ellsworth Kaye Inc. offers a comprehensive workshop on crisis communications management. The workshop covers dealing with the media under adverse circumstances and helps you lay out a plan to follow when talking with the media.

Capabilities -- Advertising

In addition to a full a range of public relations services, Ellsworth Kaye Inc. brings together public relations, advertising, and direct marketing experience to offer clients full advertising and collateral material development, including interactive and multimedia, and production services. We provide creative services, advertising, market research, and media services.

Advertising and Collateral Material

Our powerful, creative writers have years of experience in developing and producing advertising campaigns, direct mail programs, corporate brochures, annual reports and more. Our designers bring dynamic copy to life with award-winning graphics and layouts that help readers logically understand your creative materials.

Media Services

We offer complete research and analysis to determine which media outlets can best deliver your messages to your audiences for dollars spent, then skillfully negotiate contracts to make the most of your advertising budget. We also handle scheduling, traffic control and auditing for media placement.

Video and Audio Production

We are experienced at writing, directing and producing corporate film, video and slide presentations for sales or training purposes. When you decide you want that kind of product, you don't have to educate new creative people on your market situation because we are already involved.

Market Research

We are experienced in choosing and supervising market research firms, assisting in the design of effective survey instruments and conducting qualitative and quantitative market research. Perhaps more importantly, we know how to turn market survey information into an action-oriented strategic communications plan.

Updated January 25, 2000

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