Craig Hanson

Background on the composer and March: Appassionata

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Here's a MIDI file for another short woodwind piece for the CVC project for small groups of woodwinds. I call it March: Appassionata. It's kind of a musical joke (a la PDQ Bach), where I've taken themes from Beethoven's Appassionata piano sonata and turned them into a little march. The intended instrumentation is Flute, Bb Clarinet, Bassoon, and Bass Clarinet. I think the Clarinet and Bass Clarinet parts ended up on the same track.

I have a bachelor's in Physics from Yale, where I played bass clarinet in the Yale Concert Band and the Yale Symphony Orchestra, and took several music courses. I have also played bass guitar in local rock bands in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Tucson, and Burlington, with names like "The Clockmen", "Get Serious" and "Time Beans". Since moving to Vermont, I've been (from time to time) a member of The Vermont Wind Ensemble, The Bach Wind Philharmonia, The Burlington Concert Band, and The Vermont Bicentennial Band.

I've written a number of pieces for small groups of winds, some for piano, and over 100 rock and pop songs (none of them published, so far). My first piece for full concert band , the march "Josiah Willard Gibbs" was premiered with the Burlington Concert Band in August of 1997.

I currently work as an engineer at the IBM semiconductor plant in Essex Junction. My next musical project (as of December, 1997) is to put together a ska band, and to write and arrange some tunes for this band.