Dennis Báthory-Kitsz

Background on the piece The Big Drag

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The Big Drag was the result of a challenge made by Tim Price, president of the Consortium, who suggested that I get down to business and create something new for the call for wind scores instead of the quarter-century-old music I had sent in. He was right about that, but I immediately thought, "New piece, grumble, grumble, what a big drag." And the idea for The Big Drag, a slow drag, was born. After a grumpy and unfocused few days, I finally sat down to write, and the tune quickly slid from start to finish.

This Midi rendition is flawed in that the dotted figures are played as-is, when in fact the players should 'swing' them. So when you listen, hear that swing sound as the dottifications ooze by. And, of course, this is played from score, not from using a musical keyboard for expressiveness. Blame the dyslexia.

The Big Drag was composed on February 4-6, 1998, and is dedicated to Gilles Yves Bonneau.